Appunga: WooCommerce Apps

The current shift from online shopping to mobile commerce is undeniably the biggest sales channel opportunity for e-commerce. Unlike websites, apps require different solutions for multiple platforms, while launch and development costs have sky rocketed since the inception of the mobile app developer. Appunga creates, personalizes and launches multiple platform apps for your existing WordPress WooCommerce shop.

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Don't want to build the app yourself? Hire a pro.

Minutes! Not hours to build.

Creating an app has never been this easy. First, name your app. Set your logo, select your personal colors. Install an easy to use plugin, so that your app can communicate with your website. After that, you are done. The apps will then be launched in the background while you sit back and relax.

Remember when you had to painstakingly fill your e-commerce platform? Not anymore, our software automatically connects existing orders, customers, products and keeps it like that in real time! It also works the other way round! Mobile clients can still use your website with the same data.

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One app. Many devices.

Your new app will work on iPad, iPhone, all Samsung Galaxy devices and many more brands of phones having an iOS or Android operating system. You can control all apps in one easy to use management panel in your WordPress installation. Changes are then automatically pushed to your existing store apps and apps that are yet to be created.

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Going mobile in three steps



Take your website theme, and design your app to match your website and brandname. Create your own information and contact pages.



Your new mobile app with automatically synchronize with your existing WooCommerce shop.


Increase sales

Congratulations, because more and more customers order via mobile devices your sales will increase even without promoting.

You'll love our platform!



Appunga is an online tool that builds iOS and Android mobile apps that connect with existing WordPress WooCommerce webshops. The existing webshop will become available in a native mobile app.

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